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School is out, time for vacation! Or is it?

June 16, 2023


Summer is officially here!  Now that the kids are out of school, you may be planning all of the fun vacations you want to take with them this summer.  But are you violating the court order by doing so?


Typically, a court order will identify three types of parenting time: (1) regular parenting time; (2) vacation time; and (3) holiday time.  Unless otherwise specified, holiday time trumps vacation and regular time, and vacation time trumps regular time.  This means that you may exercise vacation time over the other parent’s regular parenting time, but you may not exercise vacation time over the other parent’s holiday time with the children.  You will want to make sure you look closely at what your court order says regarding this.


The court order may also clarify that any vacation time must minimize interference with the other parent’s parenting time.  In other words, if the parents alternate regular weekend parenting time with the children, then you must take your vacation time during your own regularly scheduled weekend time instead of during the other parent’s weekend parenting time.


If there are any disputes about vacation time, then this may need to be addressed in mediation and/or court.  Please contact Jenna here to learn more about this and to discuss your options. 

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