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Modification of Custody and Parenting Time

There are different legal standards for modifying custody and parenting time after it has already been established in a court order, depending on what is being pursued.  Making slight modifications to the parenting time schedule requires looking at twelve factors known as the “best interest factors” and any change in circumstances since the last court order was issued addressing this parenting time.  Modifying custody labels and/or making significant changes to the parenting time schedule has the same requirements as a slight modification to parenting time, but also requires showing that the current custody and parenting time arrangement is an endangerment to the minor child and that such an endangerment outweighs any risk to the child for such a significant change.  Speaking to a qualified family law attorney can help you determine whether you meet the requirements to pursue such modifications of custody and/or parenting time.  Contact Jenna today for a free initial consultation.

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