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National Adoption Awareness Month

November 8, 2023


November is National Adoption Awareness Month!   There are many different types of adoption, as follows:

Foster Care Adoption – When a child is placed in foster care, this can sometimes lead to adoption of the child if the parent’s parental rights are terminated.  Such proceedings are done through juvenile court, with the assistance of Child Protective Services.

Private Adoption – Private adoption is done either through an agency or through direct placement between a birth parent and the adoptive parents.

International Adoption – Adopting a child from another country varies depending on the particular country, as each country has its own laws and procedure for such adoptions.

Stepparent Adoption – There may be instances in which a step-parent can adopt their step-child.  This typically requires the consent of both birth parents, depending on the circumstances.

Relative or Kinship Adoption – Relatives or individuals who have close relationships with a child may also be able to adopt when a parent is no longer able to care for the child.

Adult Adoption – Even after an individual is no longer a minor child, they can still be adopted.  The most common reasons people select to proceed with an adult adoption is for inheritance purposes or a stepparent’s desire to legally adopt their adult stepchild.


Each type of adoption has its own laws and procedures.  If you are interested in learning more about your adoption options, please contact Jenna here.

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