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Home at Last 

February 2, 2023


A family was brought together this week after finalizing the adoption of their foster child. Jenna has been an advocate for this adoption for nearly two years and successfully won the trial in district court as well as the appeal within the court of appeals. 

When a child is placed into foster care, Child Protective Services (CPS) becomes involved until a final determination is made through the court as to whether the child should be returned to the care of a biological parent or if the child should be adopted by a third party.  In this case, the parental rights for the child’s biological parents were terminated, after which the court then had to determine the most suitable family to adopt the child.  There were two separate families in this case that wanted to adopt the child, which lead to almost two years of litigation as the two families fought to adopt the child.  Ultimately, Jenna was able to assist her clients in the adoption of the child, ending in many hugs and happy tears, surrounded by numerous family and friends. 

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